My love in 365 days

A year passed

Tore us apart

Lonely Days


Sleepless Nights

Miss Those Warm hugs


Silly Fights


Time has flown real quick


My watch stopped ticking

I’m stuck

I’m stuck at the moment we last hugged

I’m stuck at the moment we last kissed

I’m stuck


I’m dying every day

Every Day

To be in your arms where lies my home ,my heaven

My soulless body is craving for your warmth

My heart aches seeing us apart


Hold on little more

The day will come

We will be together soon


The World will sing our love song ❤️

I will be there by your side

Your day will start with my kisses (kicks sometimes 😂)

and end in my laps ❤️

Will be in your arms all day long as millions of hugs and kisses are pending

Cook your favorite food

And go on food hunting all around the country

Movie Dates in our bed

Singing silly songs and dancing funny

baby that’s what completes my life ❤️

I love you to the fullest yet it keeps growing

My love for you has no limits ❤️❤️



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