To My Daughter

Baby even though I didn’t wanted you first I’m glad I accepted you. You are the best thing ever happened to me. Sooner or Later you were supposed to be in my life. Thank you for coming soon

Sorry I get mad sometimes when you wake me up in the middle of night ( even you too don’t like waking up in this cold weather right) but trust me I feel proud when you do wake me up . Peeing/ Pooing on bed isn’t a good thing to do.

In summers you were the one to wake me up but in this winter seeing you sleep is the most satisfying feeling.

Seeing you stretching your body after waking up makes me smile , well everything you do really makes me smile ☺️

And asking for a massage while I’m preparing breakfast annoys me but seeing you enjoy reliefs my heart .

My heart jumps with happiness when you try to jump higher than you can and fall but you don’t give up and stand again and jump . Such a brave child you are .

But the time you broke your leg was the most painful moment .Seeing you in pain broke my heart into pieces. We both cried whole night seeing each other cry . Oh my heart still aches remembering that night.

Thankfully you recovered 🙏🏻

My heart melts seeing you doze outside kitchen while waiting for me.

Bedtime is your favorite. You jump with happiness when we head towards room .

You love to play with your teddy before you sleep and baby you look adorable sleeping with your teddy .

Baby My life is full of joy since you came .

Every moment spent with you is beautiful.

Thank You for making my life better 😊

My daughter with four legs and a wet nose❤️



      1. I see another player, still can’t play it, have tried through mobile browser, seems working but not really 😂
        And additional text?
        My daughter with four legs and a wet nose❤️


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